Jamie Dixon - ASP.NET/C# Developer - Cambridge

Available for work: 07841123077 or jamie@developercambridge.com

Hi, I'm Jamie Dixon, an ASP.NET MVC C# Developer with living in Cambridge.

I've worked with some of the UKs largest companies for over 11 years and helped them make millions of pounds and now I'm looking for a new exciting project.

If you're looking for an ASP.NET MVC C# developer who loves programming, is enthusiastic about modern approaches to software development (Pragmatic Programming, IoC, Scrum, Kanban) and is great with people, give me a call on 07841123077 and let's discuss your requirements.

Who would I love to work with?

My ideal client right now would be based in or around Cambridge and be passionate about the web. We'll be using the latest technologies and your enthusiasm about your business will be catching

I want to work with people who feel inspired and love turning up for work each day

Want to see some of my work?

Open source

I've got a variety of projects currently open sources including:

GraphViz C# Wrapper

This is a C# wrapper for the GraphViz graph generator. Pass in a dot string and an output type and voila, your graph is generated.

This library acts as a wrapper for the GraphViz command line tools. The graphviz command line tools are included in this project and need to be placed in the graphviz folder relative to the GraphVizWrapper dll upon deployment.

More about GraphViz C# Wrapper
Simple De-duplication

Simple De-duplication is service designed to remove duplicates from one collection based on multiple other collections.

A common scenario I've encountered over the years is the need to take many collections required for a single view (often a web page) and to ensure that no duplicates exist between the collections. This is a simple solution to an all too common problem.

More about Simple De-duplication

I created ReTry to give developers the ability to run a piece of code n number of times before a failure is raised. This is useful when developing against distributed systems that can fail for numerous reasons including network timeouts. ReTry offers a fluent interface allowing the developer to register different behaviors when exceptions are raised. ReTry can also be used as a fluent replacement for try/catch scenarios.

More about ReTry


I've worked with many large companies during my career and here's a few of the projects I'm most proud of


I joined blinkbox in June of 2012 as one of five Principal Development Engineers in the company. My role as principal developer began by leading a team of 5 developers on a green field project, http://www.clubcardtv.com. This was the first project that blinkbox had undertaken in conjunction with their new parent company, Tesco.

I was responsible for leading the architecture, design and implementation of key platform features from the start, as well as being a key contributor in the development of clubcardtv.

This role was a high responsibility role including: Running daily stand-ups, coordinating estimation meetings, monitoring daily log reports and scheduling bug fixes, presenting new technologies to the development team (via lunch time presentations) and acting as a key communicator between the development supporting teams. This was in addition the core development of features and bug fixing.

ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace is an custom built e-commerce web application that allows individuals and boutiques to sell their own fashion goods under the ASOS branding. We developed the site using ASP.NET MVC 2 (C#) along with assisting technologies.

Owing to my experience as a front end developer and my years as a back end developer, my role with ASOS was to act as a link between front and back end teams.

Initially I was cast into the role to manage the MVC layer of the application, working closely with our front end team to ensure they had everything they needed and to ensure a great and transparent level of communication between teams.

My day to day activity on this project was primarily working with our front end team to provide them with the data they required via the MVC layer. Working with the service tier to obtain the relevant data, sending it through the chain to the MVC layer and to provide our front end team with the data in the format they needed.

I was also heavily in the service tier of this application allowing me a broad range of knowledge of each piece of the project.

I also love answering questions online so check out my profile on StackOverflow